Jake LaMotta was named after a champion fighter, but lately she's been feeling beaten down. Her boss at the newspaper won't raise her pay. She's got a new editor. She's having dizzy spells. Worst of all, Jake and her husband can't afford a house in the suburbs of Los Angeles, so they're stuck with a dreary apartment and a brutal commute. If only they could buy a house ... Homeownership would validate her belief that hard work and honesty get results. Her boss with his demands wouldn't irk her so much. Her marriage would be happier.

But there's trouble brewing too. Developers are locked in a bitter feud with anti-growth activists. Upscale homeowners are wary of the old farming families. And water wells have mysteriously run dry just over the hill.

With real estate the sexiest story in town, the new editor pits Jake against her coworkers in pursuit of big headlines to boost readership. In a reckless attempt to see just how far her boss is willing to push ethical boundaries, Jake pitches a story she knows is false, only to become mired in the murky world of small-town politics. When her inquiries tangle her up in a true scandal, Jake is forced to choose between the house and abiding by her principles. The quest for truth and square footage exacts a steep price in TJ Sullivan's witty, suspense-filled debut novel.